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Masaje Vital
Masaje relajante
Chi Nei Tsang - Belly Massage
Shine, Facial + Massage


Treatments at:

Villas Oliver, Playa Blanca

€10.00 discount for the second treatment

(on the same date, after the first treatment)

Relax Massage

A massage simply to enjoy and relax. The approach is to harmonize the body from head to toe and thus regain its natural balance.                 

60 min.  € 75,00

90 min.  € 95,00


Vital / Sportsmassage

Do you have aches, muscle pain or sensation of heavyness? This is your treatment, we will do our best to make you recover soon.                                         

60 min. € 80,00


Thai Massage

This is a very comprehensive treatment, with many stretching and pressing on energy points. Relieves muscle tension, mental stress and leaves you with a pleasant feeling of lightness at the end of the session.


75 min. € 85,00


Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Detox  

Each organ has its function. According to the Tao, they are also linked to emotions. The liver to passion and anger, the lungs to joy and sadness. By taking care of your organs, you will take care of your emotional states.


60 min. € 75,00


Shine, Facial treatment & Full Body Massage 

Enjoy a deeply relaxed body and radiant beauty. A balanced combination between a body massage and facial care.


75 min. € 95,00

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