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Ambika Yulia Rozvezev completed her training as a dancer and choreographer at the University of St. Petersburg. Thanks to this training, she has gained a deep understanding of the human body and its biodynamics.
She expanded her training to include manual and alternative therapies such as Chiromassage, Thai Massage, Osho-Counseling, Aura Soma, Abdominal Detox, Foot Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.
She found great inspiration in the OSHO Mystic in India. Over the course of 8 years she accompanied and supported Radha Luglio, a direct pupil of the same, in her workshops and training courses.
It is both these experiences and those of teacher Sri Mooji that directly influence their work.
She currently shares her knowledge and experience mainly in individual sessions and occasionally in workshops and group sessions.

Stefan Amano Fehlau has dedicated more than 20 years to alternative therapies.

Trained in a wide therapeutic range, such as the

Structural Osteopathia, Chiromassage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Foot Reflexology.

It was in India and Thailand, where he began his study of Holistic Massage and Conscious Breathing (Osho Breath)

He has continued to form continuously since then. Thai massage and oriental philosophies are his passion.

Amano is a Hatha Yoga Instructor by the Om Shanti school (recognized by the Yoga Alliance), he teaches group and individual Yoga and Pranayama classes.

The mystic Osho and Sri Mooji have marked his life

He feels to be very lucky beeing able to share his experience with others.

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