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Massages and Treatments

Ambika Massage, Wellness with Online Booking



A massage simply to enjoy and relax. The approach is to harmonize the body from head to toe and thus regain its natural balance.

Abdominal Detox

Abdominal Detox 

Each organ has its function. According to the Tao, they are also linked to emotions. The liver to passion and anger, the lungs to joy and sadness. By takeing care of your organs, you will take care of your emotional states.

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Hawaiian Massage

´Lomi Lomi´

Get carried away by this massage inspired in the movement of the waves.

A true pleasure for the senses.

Traditional Thai

Thai massage is a very comprehensive treatment, with many stretching and pressing on energy points. Relieves muscle tension, mental stress and leaves you with a pleasant feeling of lightness at the end of the session.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Thai Massage
Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing There are many benefits from deep, free and fluid breathing. Only personal experience allows you to discover them. Allow me to invite you to explore it.

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Manual lymphatic drainage, with medicinal purposes, elimination of liquids, treatment of edema, reinforcement of the lymphatic system ... Due to its slow rhythm and the gentle pressure it is also a very relaxing massage.

Lymphatic drain

Foot Reflexology

From the reflex zones of the feet, all the organs and parts of your body are accessible. Let your feet be touched and your entire body will appreciate it.

Foot Reflexology
Facial Anti-edad

Holistic anti-age treatment 

With the help of collagen, elastin and a lifting face massage

your skin will be revitalized and young-looking. Also your shoulders and neck will be liberated from tension in a soft way.

Combination between a relaxing massage and a facial treatment to show off from within.


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